Map of Black Death

Map of Black Death

This is a map of how the Black Death spread through Europe.


The Black Death in Britain- 1348-1351

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The Black Death was an outbreak of the bubonic plague that ripped Europe to shreds! It started in Asia and went to Turkey.  It was then carried via fleas who leapt onto cargoes of grain that were put on ships.  The fleas then travelled to Europe.  When it reached Italy it raced across mainland Europe and soon reached Melton Regis, England in 1348.

People didn’t know how it actually spread, but a common belief was that it was a punishment from God for the sins they had committed. Other people believed that it was spread through a black cloud called miasma.  Some other people thought that it was caused by bad smells, so people breathed in sweet smells as a preventive. However now we know how it actually spread: through fleas who drank rat’s blood(that contained plague germs stupid rats!), and killed the rats.(Poor rats.) The fleas then bit humans and infected them.(Poor humans.)

You knew when you got the black death because painful swellings, or buboes(Bubonic plague!) would develop on the neck, underarms and groin a few days after being bitten.  On the second day after developing the buboes, the victim had a fever and vomited.  Then, on the third day, the victim had red splotches over his/her body caused by internal bleeding.  Finally on day 4, the disease attacked the nervous system and the victim had very painful spasms.  They then died painfully.  The BD affected the younger and older members of the population, i.e the weaker ones, first.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    There was some hope of survival though!  If the buboes burst then the victim could, potentially survive.  A strange example of a cure was putting a toad on the swelling until the toad burst.(It wasn’t the toad that was meant to burst, silly people, it was the swelling!)  I doubt this worked because the toad may have infected the swelling even more. The people who thought the plague had come from God went around whipping themselves and others.  They were named flagellants.

Half the population of Britain was wiped out in the BD, and the peasants who survived demanded payment from the Lords for their labour as there was less of them and there was lots of work.  The Lords had to pay them, otherwise who would harvest the crops?  A law was passed in 1351 stating that no peasant could be payed more money than he was before the plague.

Whole villages were wiped out because of the Black Death.  There were not enough people to work on the land.

The BD was a terrible plague that killed many people throughout Europe.

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