So what is history anyway?

So what is history?

If you look at the wordle picture, you will see that this is all the words someone associates with this subject. ‘Inconsistent’ appears on there, as does ‘understanding’ and ‘people’. History is certainly inconsistent, the changes of religion in Tudor England, for example. Understanding also seems appropriate.
By looking at history, only then can we gain true understanding of what lies ahead, by looking at people’s behaviour and situations. When you type history into google, the definition given is ‘the study of the past, particuarly with human affairs. So the word ‘people’ is also appropriate. But then I looked further, and I saw the word ‘historical’, pretty obvious, I thought, and past, also obvious.

So I came to the ‘Choose to make history’ image. Do we choose to ake history? Yes and no. Martin Luther King certainly chose to make history with his ‘I have a dream speech.’ But others don’t. Look at William Webb Ellis, the inventor of rugby. He didn’t choose to make history, but when he ran with a ball he did, and invented a world sport: rugby.    

The astronaut.  This is a photo of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.  This is literally history in the making.  He stepped out on the moon, and planted the USA flag, and there was an event people would learn about in years to come. 

The final picture, and, I think the most interesting, is the signpost picture.  Past, one way and future, another.  Past and futre are different ways?  Yes.  some people might say, of course, the past is behind us and the future ahead.  But there is a phrase ‘History keeps repeating itself.’  So the past and future are closer together than we thought.  But maybe we have to leave the past behind, to carry on to the future. 

Thank you for reading, and please leave a comment expressing your opinions!


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