Napoleon Bonaparte- was he really that short?

Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor of France (1804-1814), is widely believed to have been short.  Films such as Night at the Museum 2 which feature Napoleon have used his supposed short stature for humor.  But was he really 5 feet 2 inches?

No, he wasn’t!  The measurement of 5 feet 2 inches was probably true, but this was in french feet.  This means he would be 5 feet 7 inches in our feet, and he would be slightly taller than an average man in that time!  However, people read 5 feet 2 inches and immediately assume that this is measured in English feet!

What added to this misconception was that he was nicknamed the little corporal, as a term of endearment.  This also makes people think he was short.

The rumors were escalated by his enemies, who probably spread rumors about his height so he would lose popularity.

So, in conclusion, Napoleon Bonaparte was not short.  This is a complete fallacy.


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